Peace of mind

Have you noticed that many job offerings show a quite strange requirement?
It is “high frustration tolerance”.


But… who wants to work frustrated?
For the last 20 years, Europartners Group has grown as a company
dedicated to be the best strategic partner for our clients and a place for
awesome personal and professional experience for our talents,
promoting a comprehensive wellbeing.


Europartners is a company dedicated to people. For that matter, our culture stablishes that we don’t have employees or collaborators. We select talents –outstanding professionals– and work to make them feel satisfied, empowered, happy, learn and develop as people and professionals, day after day.

Why is Europartners Group's corporate culture so remarkable?

We work hard to be an unparalleled employing company and to expand
Europartners as a place where our talents want to develop their carreer.

  • Europarners Culture Comprehensive Wellness

  • Europarners Culture Flexible Work Models

  • Europarners Culture Exponential Growth

  • Europarners Culture Mobility

  • Europarners Culture Diversity

A Top+ Company

For more than 10 years, we have ranked high on the Top Companies evaluations that measure wellbeing, happiness, and stability of great companies’ employees.
In 2022, besides proudly ranking 8th as a Top Company, we have also become a Super Company for Women, recognition created to acknowledge organizations that motivate and protect their female talent.

The best company
for the best talents

“We praise being recognized as one of the best companies to work in Latin and North Americas. That reinforces our purpose to be a platform for professional and personal development. This is what enables us to get the best talents,” says Monica Virgen, Europartners Group development, commitment, and corporate culture specialist.

Great value to our clients

To move their cargo where it must be, when it must be there, our clients need more than a freight forwarder. They need a strategic partner in logistics.

“One of logistics’ main challenges is finding a supplier that understands your operation, your product, your goals and your transport needs. Working with a Top Company, you can rest assured our talents are happy working here, motivated to do their best. In a Top Company, talent rotation is quite low, so you have the peace of mind you won’t have to explain all your operations over and over every couple of months,” comments our talented Daniel Hernandez.


20 years, never-ending success stories

  • Deciding to work at a Mexican company with a solid growth vision and determined to be a top in the industry was the right choice for me. Our strategy at Europartners Group aims our own talents growth. We believe in the importance of empowering our fellow partners and making things happen. We value young professionals, and we are committed to develop their capacities and abilities to their limits and beyond, because they drive us to keep bringing paradigm shifts to the market”.


    Eduardo Hernández
    Commercial director
  • “Once upon a time, thinking about leaving home, being far from my family and leaving my country were plans that asked for when I accomplished something huge… and that day came in a mix of a dream, targets, and Europartners Group. I got to Ecuador, where I proudly set the Europartnian flag to keep connecting minds to move the world, developing leaders that can help our clients, suppliers, and talents to fulfil their dreams, breaking down barriers and accomplishing the unimaginable”.

    María José Garay
    Andes region director
  • Always fast, friendly and dedicated es nuestra promesa de marca y, bajo este concepto, tenemos mucha libertad para satisfacer clientes, crecer y mejorar al mundo. Europartners Group es un lugar donde puedes cambiar el ‘imposible’ a ‘posible’”.







    Kazuki Tamura
    Business development
  • I started at Europartners as an A&O operations executive and, with my leader’s and my Europartnian family’s support, I had the opportunity to be the leader of the Miami and Puerto Rico teams in a few months’ time. Europartners is more than a company or a workplace; it is a family, where all the talents and leaders are part.





    JC Liau Kang
    JC Liau Kang
    A&O operation leader
  • At Europartners, you can create with your leader your career plan. If you want to take the challenge, you can have opportunities to grow professionally. Europartners has a unique culture where respect, growth, and development have no limits unless you put them yourself.






    Airam Villalobos
    Airam Villalobos
    Ground sourcing leader for USA & Head of ground expediting
  • Beyond the financial reward, Europartners offer great values as peace of mind at work and a healthy environment. I feel valued, I feel the company as a real family.









    Virginia Bog
    Capabilities and development leader | Europartners Guatemala
  • Europartners is one of the best companies where to work, since we don’t focus on getting top numbers; we feel embraced, both professionally as personally, reaching a level of satisfaction, of wellbeing, that boosts us to improve and grow, day after day.







    Diana Gonzalez
    Diana Gonzalez
    Attraction closer for Latin América
  • Europartners takes care of its talents’ wellbeing. This enables us to balance life & personal objectives with work, and being able to propose ideas, no matter what’s our job position in the company.








    Lukas Flores
    Capabilities and development leader | Chile Dry
  • All through my path in the company, Europartners has provided me a diversity of trainings that have empowered my professional development. Nowadays I’m an expert in logistics solutions, leading very important accounts in my country, totally aligned with our solid commercial strategy.






    Paola Infante
    Paola Infante
    Senior commercial talent


Always fast, friendly and dedicated is our brand promise.


Our talents talk about Europartners’ corporate culture

Europarners Culture Talents

What are we striving for?

The best talents in the world. The A-Players. Professionals seeking to
connect minds and move the world, who know that logistics moves more
than cargo. From interns with ambitious growth goals to global leaders
aiming to change the industry’s status quo, we are after talented and
passionate people who can make the difference.

Europarners Culture A Player
Jersey EP

What’s here for you?

  • Economic growth and career progression based on competencies and your own merits.
  • Flexibility at work: unlimited holidays, flexible schedules, working from any Europartners’ office, home office and much more.
  • Training and certifications.
  • Financial support for comprehensive well-being activities (physical training, psychological aid, nutritional assistance, etc.) and education.
  • Participation in Culture Committees. Dedicate time to initiatives related to social causes, diversity and life balance, having fun at work!

We are a group. We are Europartners Group

We serve the public through different brands, each specialized in the specific demands of different industries and regions.

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